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FTR open up about Bret Hart not being able to manage them in AEW



FTR appeared on "Barstool Rasslin'" this week to talk about their slow babyface turn in AEW, and their feelings on Bret Hart not being able to manage them on television.

FTR talking about their slow babyface turn:

Dax Harwood said, "I think more than anything the reason people are starting to resonate with this is because we're opening up and allowing them to. I think for so long we did our job as bad guys. Not that we made people hate us, but we made people love the babyfaces we worked with. We knew that as bad guys, we had to take some of our cool shit out. So now that we're good guys and they brought themselves into FTR, they're allowed to say 'Holy sh*t. These guys are awesome.'"

"It was a conscious effort. We had talked about it and we had an idea of where we wanted to go. We wanted to invite the fans in. So throughout the matches that we had, we wanted the stories of those matches to be our gradual turn," Harwood continued.

Dax talking about Bret Hart not being able to be their full time manager on TV:

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"I just think people can resonate with admiration for their heroes. Obviously, there's nobody on the planet Earth who has more admiration for Bret Hart than than I do because personally, without him even knowing it, he's done a lot of sh*t for me," Dax said.

"We do get an opportunity to work with him on June the 10th in Massachusetts. He's going to be our manager against the Sons of the Horsemen, Brian Pillman and Brock Anderson with Arn Anderson in their corner. That's going to be a pretty special night," he continued.

Cash Wheeler added, “Those are cooler for me. I would love obviously for Bret to be here and to do all that, but I would rather do one night stuff like we're doing with Bret. Foley this weekend is going to be walking to the ring with us. Dennis Condrey will do that the night after Bret. Those are cooler for me because it's one night. We get to pay respect. We get to be out there with these guys. But as far as AEW right now full time, I'm happy it just being me and Dax and doing our thing. We had a manager for a long time, and now that we don't, I'm okay with it just being the two of us and running and seeing what happens for the time being."

You can view FTR's entire interview with Barstool Rasslin' below.

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