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Griff talking about the origins of The Varsity Blondes:

"I think Tony (Khan) came up with The Varsity Blondes, like the name. We had the athlete gimmick going before that. Brian was a lacrosse player. Then we found Julia. So we all meshed well together. We all got along and our gimmicks really meshed together. Brian's dad was one half of The Hollywood Blondes, so why not just do a homage to him, The Varsity Blondes.”

On why he decided to start working out and dieting:

“This is not to bash Cody (Rhodes). Cody is a great dude. I’m glad he said this. He said, 'Are you bulking right now?' I said, 'No. I guess I'm trying.' He's like, 'You're getting a little bit of love handles on you.' I just immediately took that to heart. I didn't see that, and ever since he said that, I'm like, 'Okay, he said something. I need to get in check.' He was like, 'Don't take it the wrong way. You're not fat. I promise you're not fat. You have some love handles there.' I just really took that to heart.”

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“I knew a trainer who was also a nutritionist. That was on a Thursday. The next day, Friday, I was texting him asking him, 'Hey, I need to get a meal plan to cut and stuff. Can you send me workouts to do?' On Monday, we started a meal plan, like a cut diet and a workout regimen. I'll go a month of cutting, maybe a month or two. It just depends on how it looks, and then a month or two of bulking. I've been doing that ever since Cody said that to me. Now I think I look better. Hopefully, I look better.”

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