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Hangman Adam Page shares how important it was for him to defeat Kenny Omega

On this week's "AEW Unrestricted" Hangman Adam Page discussed the difference between being a singles and a tag team competitor, and what it was like to beat Kenny Omega for the AEW title.

Hangman Adam Page talking about the difference between wrestling as a singles competitor compared to being in a tag team:

"Singles wrestling is a lot harder because you can't tag out when you're tired, which happens a lot," Page said.

"It feels incredible to have had that tag team run. I felt like it built my confidence in a lot of ways working with Kenny (Omega), somebody who's so well traveled, so accomplished, and just so good at what he does. Honestly, I resisted that tag team for a long time, but I realized by the end of it, it was what I really needed."

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On beating Kenny Omega for the AEW Title:

"It is something so important and such an accomplishment, but to do that against Kenny, someone who, for a lot of my life, has been one of my best friends, just to wrestle him and finally, at least for one night, be better than him, and on top of that winning the world championship, just those two things together, I can't describe it. I'll never forget it.”

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