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Hangman Page on his promo time, AEW Full Gear, Chris Jericho's Inner Circle, Jim Ross, comparisons to Barry Windham, more

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"Hangman" Adam Page spoke to the media at Starrcast IV in Baltimore, MD ahead of AEW Full Gear.

Among the topics discussed:

  • The story development with his character
  • How much more promo time does he want?
  • How it feels to do weekly TV and having a regular schedule
  • Thoughts on Cody's feud with the Inner Circle
  • Thoughts on Jim Ross
  • Working with Dean Malenko and Jerry Lynn
  • Being compared to wrestlers like Barry Windham
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On whether he wants more promo time: "We all want more time with matches, with promo time, with everything. We all want more time. There's only two hours of TV. I won't be taking up as much of that as I can make happen. We all want more time."

Has he picked Jim Ross' brain?: You don't have to pick Jim Ross' brain. He offers it willingly. He's been somebody good to have on the team. I feel like just his voice lends a lot of credibility. When you flip through the channels and you hear that voice, it just sounds good. Having that, you can't put a price on that. You can't value that and that has been great.

Working with Dean Malenko and Jerry Lynn: "Dean's hilarious. He's got a real dry sense of humor. Jerry's a sweetheart. There's a bunch of others too. It's been good. Some guys like to work differently than others but it's good to have those guys who have been around a little bit longer backstage with us to maybe… not change what we do [because] we're not changing what we do at any point but to help some guys think through what they do and how they present themselves."

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