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Health update on WWE Hall Of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Jake "The Snake" Roberts took to Twitter on Saturday night to give a brief update after the Wrestling Newsletter reported that he was seen in a wheelchair during a recent appearance.

Roberts sent out a short tweet: "I’m doing well but thanks for the love."

Dave Meltzer noted that Roberts is dealing with an undisclosed health issue. During his recent appearance, he was seen in a wheelchair and he had an oxygen device on his nose that he would take out when he would pose for photos.

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The oxygen device is necessary because he suffers from COPD lung disease. Roberts revealed this last year and he said that his breathing is been compromised because of the disease. reported that Roberts underwent foot surgery and that's the reason why he has not been seen on AEW TV in the last few months. Roberts was said to have been cleared by doctors and could be back on AEW TV as soon as this week.