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Is AEW Dark moving to HBO Max?

AEW Dark HBO Max

Several months ago when AEW signed their new contract with TNT, it was announced that they would be getting a second hour of programming. The belief at the time was that AEW Dark would move to TNT.

It's been almost 6 months and the show still airs on AEW's YouTube channel but it looks like Dark or some version of AEW programming could end up on a streaming service soon. During the mailbag portion of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about the possibility of AEW programming moving to HBO Max.

Meltzer responded, "As of 2 weeks ago [or] 10 days ago, there was nothing signed. It's certainly the impression that it's a possibility but there was no deal as of then. There may be one coming up at some point."

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In January, Turner President Kevin Reilly said that Dark would be re-adapted for TNT with some behind-the-scenes and docu-follow material to tell stories about the wrestlers. TNT programming will be part of the HBO Max launch.

HBO Max is set to launch tomorrow.