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Ivelisse went after AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa on Twitter in a post regarding their September 2020 match on Dynamite with the NWA Women’s Title on the line. There were real punches thrown and spots that weren’t sold.

Ivelisse wrote the following about the match as a reminder to fans:

“Never forget the moment this b decided to be a coward piece of sh and shoot punch me when she was supposed to block my shot + something else, and also the balls to pull my hair this way. She lucky I'm a pro and didn't proceed to break her jaw.”

Ivelisse, who departed from AEW last year, discussed her issues with Rosa last September in an interview with Chris Van Vliet and recalled them having these same issues in Lucha Underground. After they worked on the indies together, it didn’t happen again, so she thought Rosa learned her lesson. However, when they worked on Dynamite, their match fell apart.

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“When the day came, she didn’t want to do anything. I’m like, what? No, this match will be awesome. But I’m also trying to knock it out of the park. Even at the start, with the slap, we went over that 1 million times, we knew. She forgets what comes after. I had no choice but to nudge her face. That’s when the shoot stuff happened. I’ve trained in MMA. You can’t pull that on me. I just didn’t want to allow that negativity. I didn’t want to be pulled into that. She tried and tried though. Also, I was already signed. Why would I do that? Somehow I was made into the bad guy though. There’s nothing that can be done about that, but the bigger issue is not understanding what kind of an asset I could be.”

Rosa is said to be out with a back injury. AEW created an interim Women’s Championship that Toni Storm currently holds.