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Jade Cargill was recently interviewed by Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston. Cargill was asked to give her thoughts on Bow Wow wanting to go on a date with her and how she thinks he would do in the ring:

"I have something to say. I felt like he was very disrespectful. I have a family. For him to even pry in and then for him to try to play victim, and try to like, be funny about it, I would love to see him come here and try that stuff in person in my face. I promise you, he would never step to me and say any of the words, half of the words, that he said. And of course, he tried to make a joke out of that, thinking it was funny. It was hilarious. As far as Bow Wow in the ring, I mean, if Tony will let me take him, I would, but I mean, I think that'd be another five minute match and I think you guys are tired of those. Am I right?”

Jade was asked if we will ever see an all women’s AEW PPV:

"That would be great if we could. I know for a fact the women in the locker room, all of them , can get five star matches. We just need the time to do it and the time to shine. I mean, we have a very talented roster of ladies. It's just you know, we have one match a show, and we're trying to do the best and perform and maximize the minutes that were given."

On how she feels with AEW only having one women’s match per show:

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"I'm new to the industry. So I'm gonna sit back and just watch how things are going. I can't speak. I haven't worked in other industries. I mean, we're gonna keep on maximizing the time that we have and just kind of kill it and proving that we are worthy for more time.”

Click below to watch the entire interview.

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