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Jake Hager on advice he got from The Undertaker, Jon Jones bout could happen next month

On the latest “AEW Unrestricted” podcast, Jaker Hager said the Jon Jones fight may still happen:

“He reached out to Josh Rafferty again and wanted to do a wrestling and submission match in New Jersey on December 9th. As an Oklahoma country boy that’s wrestled since he was four years old, it hits me right in my wheelhouse. Yea, you’re the greatest of all time, but you’re not going to take me down. I was very excited about it. It seemed like it was going to go down. He jumped the gun early on tweeting it out before we had any details. As far as I know, it’s still in the works, maybe January 9th now. We’ll see. But I think it’s very cool that he wanted to do that with me. I think it’s a testament to AEW, what AEW is doing, how current and how popular we are right now, and how on the rise we are, and it’s a testament to myself. Toot toot.”

Hager on his friendship with Jim Ross and Gerald Brisco:

“It’s just a special relationship that I have with Jim.  I met him in my sophomore year in college.  I think it was in 2003.  He was with another Oklahoman, Jerry Brisco, who is another good friend of mine who is very close to me.  They always said, ‘Hey, you’re a tall wrestler.  Why don’t you try pro wrestling?’  I was a big fan when I was in junior high during the Monday Night Wars.  I got away because I ended up in high school in wrestling and football.  Senior year, I was doing six months of interviewing and no job.  I called Jim up and said, ‘Give me a tryout.’  He called Jerry up.  Jerry sets up the tryout.  I graduated in May of ‘06.  I went out for the tryout that month.  It was like a week-long tryout in Deep South.  I got the job.  By July, I moved out of Oklahoma and started my pro wrestling journey.  Throughout there, I was blessed to have Jim Ross there giving me guidance and Jerry Brisco giving me guidance on what to do and what to stay away from.  Over there it is a lot different than AEW.  There’s a lot of landmines you have to avoid, but I was very lucky to have those guys in my hand.  And of course, what do I have to do?  I have to spray barbeque sauce in my friend’s face, but I did let Jim put me in an ankle lock live in the middle of the ring on a PPV, so I think we’re even.  I am very lucky and very glad to be his friend.”

Hager talking about advice he got from The Undertaker:

“The biggest thing I learned from carrying the World Title was when Undertaker pulled me aside.  I did something which he didn’t like, so he made a point to tell me about it, but it was a good talk.  He said, ‘Look, this job is only worth it if you’re on top as far as financially.  In the middle, down at the bottom, there’s a lot of scrapping.  You’re away on the road too much, so you need to be on top to be worth it.  I always took that as a grain of salt where I needed to be at and how to really value myself as an individual because when you’re being a pro wrestler, you really have to know what your value is so you can know what to ask for and know what not to ask for.  I feel like that speech from him put it in perspective a little bit more.”

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