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Jake Roberts gives a health update, says he no longer has to use an oxygen tank

During the newest episode of the “DDP Snake Pit,” Jake “The Snake” Roberts provided an update on his health.

“Genetics being what they are, my mother had two lung diseases that she passed on to me. There’s no cure for either one of them,” Roberts opened up about.

“The last thing I should ever do is smoke a cigarette, and yet I’ve been smoking since I was 17, to the point that I have COPD and a little emphysema tossed in,” he continued.

“Now I have to see a specialist. I have to keep my eyes on it. During the pandemic, it was a real scare for me because if I got COVID, I probably wouldn’t have made it. I was really terrified. I was one of the first to get the damn shots because I have to protect my a**.”

“Today, I feel great. I don’t have to use any oxygen at all. I do have to use it on the airplanes when they pressurize and go up high, but it’s something that can be dealt with. I can still live a great life.”

“No, I can’t run a marathon, never have, never will. I’m going to be around for a long time because I didn’t make it through all this sh*t that I did to myself to drop now,” he laughed

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