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Jake Roberts thanks AEW for “one of the greatest moments in my life”

Following his awesome AEW Dynamite segment with Cody Rhodes, Jake “The Snake” Roberts took to Twitter to thank Diamond Dallas Page and AEW for the opportunity. Jake also thanked himself for not giving up on sobriety.

As many of you know, it was Diamond Dallas Page who helped to get Jake clean from drugs and alcohol and, according to reports from fans who have seen him on the road at appearances, Jake has not been seen drinking alcohol and is clear-headed.

People who saw him backstage at Dynamite last night say Jake looked happy and better than he has in decades. At this point, it looks like he will be sticking around at least for Cody’s new feud. Jake said he would be bringing a client to AEW. There’s no word on who that might be but the heavy speculation seems to be centered around Brodie Lee, aka former WWE Superstar Luke Harper.

Here is Jake and Cody’s segment from AEW Dynamite:

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