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Jim Cornette lambasts AEW for how they've booked Nyla Rose

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Jim Cornette recently reviewed AEW's Double or Nothing PPV on his Drive Thru podcast. Incidentally, Cornette was not a fan of the PPV at all, save for a couple of moments (MJF mainly) here and there.

One of the elements of the show that Cornette spoke about was the AEW Women's Championship match between Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida. Cornette was not a fan of the hardcore elements of the match, but he did praise Nyla Rose for her ability, and subsequently he lambasted AEW for the way in which they have booked her during her time in the company.

"Nyla Rose could have been a goddamn beast like Awesome Kong was in her TNA run" Cornette began. "If they didn't want to f*cking capitalise on the built in controversy of the transgender athlete and the natural hormonal and or anatomical f*cking advantage and is it fair blah blah blah."

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Cornette would elaborate further, saying "she's 200 some f*cking pounds, she's three times the size of every other tw*t in that f*cking division and she takes more bumps and gets beat up and beat more than any of them. She has been defeated by a f*cking 90 pound schoolgirl. She's been beaten up and sold for everybody on the roster."

In a final flurry of anger, Cornette would explain why he hated the hardcore elements of the match, saying that he doesn't believe that female performers should be taking those types of bumps. "But now they're using in a No DQ match; chairs and tables and barricades and taking bumps through tables onto concrete floors? If it doesn't hurt a girl, whether it's a 200 and seventy pound girl or Hikaru Shita who is 135 pounds probably, max? Why should a 275 pound man ever sell it?"

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