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Jim Cornette thanks AEW and Tony Khan for their kind words about “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton

As noted earlier, Jim Cornette gave an incredible tribute to the late great “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton on the latest Jim Cornette Experience podcast.

Cornette also took some time to thank some of the people who said nice things about Eaton this week, including people in AEW. Cornette specifically mentioned Tony Khan.

Cornette said, “I want to say this also, a lot of people tweeted including the folks at AEW tweeted a nice graphic and a respectful message about Bobby. I know that some of the AEW personnel at various positions listen to the show. That’s not a side comment either. If anybody with access to Tony Khan can get to him, tell him that I heard everything that he said about Bobby and how respectful it was and how nice it was and I thank you Tony. Tony Khan is not a horrible human being. We may see way far apart on wrestling in a variety of issues but that was a cool thing to do Tony. I hope somebody will deliver that message to him.”

There has been an overwhelming amount of positive comments and support shown for Eaton and his family this week.

A GoFundMe set up to help pay for Eaton’s funeral expenses lists many top donors from the wrestling business including Chris Jericho ($5,000), Tommy Dreamer ($500), Chase Owens ($500), Cody Rhodes ($500), Joey Janela ($300), Mark Madden ($250), Ricky Steamboat ($250), Miguel Perez Jr. ($150), and many others.

You can listen to Cornette’s tribute to “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton by clicking below.

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