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Jim Ross on why he is impressed with CM Punk on commentary, why Bill Watts would love MJF

On the latest episode of Grilling JR on, Jim Ross reviewed the 9/20/86 edition of UFW Wrestling and also fielded questions on today’s product:

Jim Ross was very positive on CM Punk’s commentary skills on AEW:

“He was great.  I’m not saying that to kiss his a** because that’s what some feel obligated to do, and he didn’t like it.  He didn’t like having his a*ss kissed.  I was very, very honest with Phil, and we built a great relationship because of it.  He and I spent a lot of time together on those TV days.  He is a natural.  He’s as good as anybody, any ex-wrestler, that stepped into that spot and did it for the first time.  Just astonishing.  He knew when to get in with a soundbite and when to get out.  He’s a natural.  I can tell you that working with him on a TV show for AEW in some shape, form, or fashion would be a blast, and we would set the bar very high for our comrades.  So, he was just phenomenal.  There weren’t any rehearsals.  We all like to go out there and be natural, real, and honest with our audience and hope to tell entertaining stories, and not to forget to connect the dots on the angles and storylines.  He’s been watching the show religiously before he came here, and we saw that for the first time in Chicago.  He has product knowledge, and he knows the current events of our episodically produced television show.  I was really impressed with him.  He was really, really good.”

Ross was asked if MJF would be a star in the territories back in the days of Bill Watts’ UWF or  in the Attitude Era:

“I think MJF is going to be a star in any era.  He understands the fundamentals of being a villain.  He doesn’t want to entertain you so much as he wants to infuriate you.  Cowboy (Bill Watts) would have loved him.  He may have made him a manager because of his size, but I don’t think so.  MJF is as big as Buddy Roberts.  Buddy Roberts headlined cards all over the world.  I believe in MJF’s abilities, I really do, and the best is yet to come.  If he doesn’t self-destruct attitudely, which I don’t see any sign of, or gets an injury where he has to sit out for a while, which we hope never happens, he’s going to be a huge star.  I think he’s the top pro wrestling villain in the business today, without a doubt.  Talent like that, they’re generational.  In any generation you put them in, they’re going to have a great chance to be successful, and MJF is no different.”

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