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Jim Ross: "Tony Khan saved my life, I believe that"

Jim Ross

On this week's episode of Grillin' JR with Jim Ross and Conrad Thompson, Ross takes questions from fans. He covers everything from questions about WCW, WWE, his thoughts on people who say wrestling is fake and much more.

Some fans may nitpick some things about Ross' commentary but there is no question that he seems motivated and he's doing some of his best work in years on AEW shows. Ross credits Tony Khan for helping him out during a down time in his life.

"I love to travel," Ross said. "Tony Khan saved my life, I believe that. Because I like getting up now and going somewhere. Every Tuesday morning I'm up at 4 or 5 o'clock at the latest to catch a plane, first flight out, boom I'm going to the city to have our production meeting on Tuesday night and then our show on Wednesday. So I got a direction now and a destination."

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Ross also answered a question about Todd Pettengill. He noted that Pettengill was a good guy to work with and "talented as hell" and Linda McMahon thought he was hilarious. "I consider him a friend and he wasn't an ego guy. Probably a little underrated as far as wrestling fans are concerned."

Ross also talks about Kerry Von Erich, his time on commentary with Jim Cornette and if it could have worked long-term, thoughts on Bobby Heenan and Terry Funk on commentary, fantasy booking the NWA in 1989, and much more.

You can listen to Grillin' JR on your favorite podcast app. This is a busy week for Ross. In addition to his duties at AEW Full Gear on Saturday night in Baltimore, Ross will also be appearing at Starrcast where he will have an uncensored conversation with Jon Moxley. Click here for details on tickets and click here for details on how to order on FITE TV. Ross will be doing his first live supershow with Tony Schiavone on 11/13 in Nashville, TN. Visit for ticket information.