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Jimmy Havoc on not bleeding in AEW yet, travel, his favorite horror movies, what scares him and more

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Kelsi caught up with Jimmy Havoc at Starrcast IV during AEW Full Gear weekend.

Here are some of the topics discussed:

  • Not doing hardcore matches on AEW Dynamite so far
  • What it's like wrestling on a national stage
  • His favorite place he's traveled to
  • The creativity that AEW allows for the wrestlers
  • The most recent horror movie that he really liked
  • His most embarrassing moment
  • Is there anything that scares him?
  • His proudest accomplishment
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On not using hardcore weapons and not bleeding on AEW Dynamite: "It's been quite nice not bleeding every week. I feel like I've got a bit more energy now and not constantly losing blood. I want it to mean something when I start doing the hardcore stuff like some sort of feud to be able to do something horrible. Preferably [with] Moxley."

Who does he want to face in AEW? "Moxley is on the top of my list. I love wrestling Darby. I love Joey Janela as well. I'd like to wrestle Shawn Spears as well. Somebody who's gonna kick the sh*t out of me."

What is the weekly travel like? "I'm traveling less than I was before when I was an independent wrestler [when] I was wrestling 4 times per week … I quite enjoy the travel. It feels weird to be in one place now…"

There's a lot more in this interview. Check out the full interview below and follow Kelsi on Twitter at @superkickingit.