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Jon Moxley on his AEW role: “I’m the guy carrying the torch during a pandemic”

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Jon Moxley is proud of his role in AEW as he is currently the All Elite Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

After making the jump to the promotion after leaving WWE, he won the title from Chris Jericho at AEW Revolution in February. It turns out that this was the last AEW PPV event with a full crowd in attendance before the COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of things have changed since then. While doing an interview with Sports Illustrated, Moxley noted that he’s glad to be the top star in the promotion during these times despite the illness messing up many plans.

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“I’m the guy carrying the torch during a pandemic. It’s a weird time, and COVID is fucking up the bookings every week, but I want to carry the torch through tough times. Even though I didn’t originally picture myself in a good-guy, protagonist role when I first came here, it’s the way it happened. I can send a message of perseverance and picking yourself up after you fall down. People have lost their jobs, lost their business, and I can project strength, with no fear in the face of adversity, for those watching our show. I want to give stability in an unstable time. I need to give AEW some stability as we build a secure future for this brand because it’s vital for this industry that AEW is a success.”

He continued by noting that the most satisfying part of this run has been telling stories unencumbered. He touted AEW has having a collaborative creative process instead of him listening to writers tell him about his own storyline.

He said that it comes down to who has the best idea and they go with that whether it’s his own or Tony Khan.

“That’s the artistic part of wrestling for me. I’m not blessed with the ability to do springboards or 450s or moonsaults, but I can tell a story as well as anyone in the industry.”

Moxley also talked about a collaborative, creative process, the WWE Draft, and more. Check out the full interview here.