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Jim Ross Admits He Was “Wrong” About Orange Cassidy

AEW commentator Jim ‘JR’ Ross recently spoke about AEW star Orange Cassidy on this week’s episode of his Grilling Jr podcast. Orange Cassidy has been a different kind of personality on AEW’s Dynamite programme, and JR would admit that his initial thoughts on the ‘Freshly Squeezed’ star were “wrong.”

OC appeared against British star PAC at the AEW Revolution PPV earlier this month. Cassidy was on the losing end of the match, however the chilled and laid back performer received a thunderous ovation from the crowd for the entire bout.

Orange Cassidy Being “Different”

“Number one, Orange Cassidy is different” JR began. “He is marketing himself differently. He’s got a different in-ring style. What he did in the match [against PAC], under his presentation rules. Hands in his pockets taking it easy. Chilling, you know, being cool. [It] was nothing short of extraordinary how this guy does what he does with his hands in his pockets. It is amazing to me.”

JR Talking Cassidy’s Size

JR would elaborated further, discussing how critics would speak out against the Freshly Squeezed’s star’s ‘size.’ “He’s a stud man, he’s got it. So I feel badly for those criticising, because they’re basing it on size only or that he’s got a different presentation that they haven’t seen. That’s not really fair to the talent. I admit when I first saw Cassidy, my old school self said ‘it’s never gonna get over stupid.’ And I was wrong. I don’t mind admitting I’m wrong when I’m wrong, and I was wrong on Orange Cassidy, he’s a fine guy. He’s a good Pro, and he’s got a different act.”

JR also recently commented on the AEW Tag Team Championship match that took place at AEW Revolution. “People talk about the tag match being as good as they had seen. And I would be one of those guys. Hangman Page, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks killed it. That was one of the best tag team matches that I’ve ever seen. Certainly I don’t know if I’ve ever called a better executed one.”

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