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Kenny Omega won the Impact Wrestling World Championship at Rebellion pay-per-view

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

The title vs. title match closed out the Impact Wrestling pay-per-view on Sunday night. The match featured AEW World Champion vs. Impact World Champion Rich Swann and the winner would leave with two belts.

Mauro Ranallo called the action. Omega had The Good Brothers and Don Callis in his corner. Swann had Willie Mack and Eddie Edwards in his corner. The match had two referees, Impact's Brian Hebner and AEW's Aubrey Edwards.

The match started just before 10:30 pm eastern so they got plenty of time to work. Omega dominated the first few minutes of the match until Swann turned things around with a flurry of offense. Omega tried to turn things around with a piledriver off the top but both men slipped and Omega hit the back of his head. Swann hit a frog splash and he came close to pinning Omega.

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Omega came back with a kick that sent Swann into the corner and a Dr. Bomb into a pin attempt. Omega then hit a V-Trigger and he attempted the One Winged Angel but Swann slipped out. Omega then hit Swann with a spinning kick and another V-Trigger. Omega tried a One Winged Angel off the top rope but Swann escaped and he rolled up Omega for another near fall.

Omega hit another V-Trigger and a Dragon suplex, followed up with another Dragon suplex. Swann broke out of the third Dragon Suplex attempt and he hit a cutter. Swann tried another cutter but the referee was pushed in the way and he took a bump. Omega hit a lariat as ref Aubrey got in the ring. Omega tried to use a chair but Aubrey took it away from him. Swann hit a cutter but Aubrey was distracted by Callis at ringside. Omega countered the pin attempt into his own pin attempt. Omega missed a V-Trigger, Swann came back with a spin kick and a Michinoku driver but Omega kicked out of the pin attempt.

Swann went for the splash but Omega moved and hit the V-Trigger and a German suplex. Omega then hit a J-Driller but Swann kicked out again. Omega hit to V-Triggers but Swann collapsed when Omega tried it a third time. Omega hit another V-Trigger against the ropes near Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack. Swan tried to fight back with open hand slaps but Omega hit another V-Trigger and Swann came back with a suplex. Swann tried the Phoenix Splash but Omega moved and Omega hit a V-Trigger and the One Winged Angel. Omega pinned Swann to win the Impact World Title.

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