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KiLynn King opens up about her wrestling career goals after leaving AEW

This week, KiLynn King spoke with Fightful to discuss her upcoming match, in which she will be facing Kamille for the NWA Women’s Champion at the NWA Alwayz Ready PPV on June 11th.

Kilynn King talking about being hungry to work when she was in AEW:

“When I was there, I was a workhorse. I was always backstage by the board waiting and saying, ‘Hey, what can I do? Do you have anything for me?’"

"I wanted to work. I wanted to learn. I wanted to make money. It was business. I was there to work. It was one of those things where I just put my head down and I was doing everything that I had to do to get better and get more eyes on me,” King said.

“They started involving me with Swole and Velvet, two people that I have a lot of admiration and love for that I knew before AEW, so that was really cool. That led to me representing them at EmPowerrr for NWA and also being on All Out in the women’s battle royal. There were a lot of things they let me be a part of as an unsigned talent. I was like, ‘That’s incredible. I’m doing something correct because they have a lot of trust in me.’”

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KiLynn talking about leaving AEW:

“As far as I know, me and AEW are good. It just got to a point where no contract had been offered, there had been no talks about it, and I was starting to get emails from NWA and stuff like that," she said.

"There were a lot of companies, on the independents, who really wanted to put their titles on me and have me be very regular there and work storylines. That was the point that I wanted to switch into. I didn’t want to just have matches anymore. I wanted to have storylines. I wanted to have feuds. I wanted to start leaving little marks in my wrestling career where ten or twenty years from now, people can go back and go, ‘Oh, that feud was so great. They hated each other and they made me believe that.’ That’s the point in my career that I’m at right now. Just having a match just to have a match is not something I wanted.”

You can view KiLynn King's entire interview with Fightful below.

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