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Kyle O'Reilly: "I truly believe that I am 10 times the performer now than I was before getting signed to WWE."

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Kyle O'Reilly appeared on Busted Open today to discuss Tony Khan buying Ring of Honor, his move from NXT to AEW, and how he feels about his time in NXT.

Kyle talking about Tony Khan buying Ring of Honor:

"It's very exciting and I was happy especially because of the recent news surrounding Ring of Honor that we weren't sure what was happening. Are they closing up shop? Are they going to start running less? Then Tony buys it, and I realized okay, this company is in good hands and the train is going to keep going," Kyle said.

"What I've heard a lot amongst the boys is that the tape library is now under Tony's control and what a great get that is.”

Kyle was asked about his move from NXT and AEW:

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"So many of the guys in AEW, it was kind of like a reunion or homecoming. Guys that I went to Japan with or were in Ring of Honor with or the Independents with, and now we're on this huge platform together."

"I never had the luxury of making it to the main roster, so I didn't really get that experience. So coming over here, it feels like I'm having that main roster run now because it's a major show. It's huge. I'm traveling to a different city every week. It feels now like I'm in the big leagues."

"Even though I was in WWE, I was still part of NXT, which had an amazing run and was awesome, and I loved my time there. But now I just feel a little more comfortable, I guess, just a little more at home, which is weird saying that because I'm still so new here. But yeah, I'm pleased to have made this jump."

Kyle was asked what he thought of his time in NXT:

"I look at it so fondly. I truly believe that I am 10 times the performer now than I was before getting signed to WWE," he said.

"I'm way more polished. I have way more confidence with a microphone. I know my role better. I know how to work the main event match. I know how to work tag matches better. I have better psychology now, I feel. Yeah, I wouldn't change anything about this journey to where I'm at now. Absolutely not."

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