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As noted earlier, AEW/ROH star Maria Kanellis spoke with Steve Fall for an exclusive interview.

Among many topics covered, Kanellis talked about the status of Women’s Wrestling Army, the promotion she founded that is based in the Chicago area.

"I think it's growing," Kanellis said. "You know, it's a gradual process. There's so many wrestling companies out there right now, so much wrestling to watch to the point where I'm like, Okay, what am I missing? I don't know where all my friends are going and what they're up to and I'm trying to keep track of everybody."

Kanellis put over the talent that works shows for Women's Wrestling Army. She said, "But at the same time, it's like, you know, we feel like we have a tremendous group of talent and they're making their own splashes in their own right in different companies as well. So we find ourselves completely blessed."

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Kanellis praised Pro Wrestling TV, the streaming platform that airs the Women's Wrestling Army shows and she said that viewership has doubled within the last couple of months.

"We find ourselves in a really good position. I love our relationship with Pro Wrestling TV. We're one of their flagship shows. We've doubled our viewership in the last couple months. So for us, it's growing, and that's what you want to do in a brand new company.”

Click here to visit the Wrestling Army website and scroll down to watch the entire interview with Maria Kanellis.

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