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Mark Henry on Matt Hardy’s busted face on AEW Dynamite, Henry says Booker T was wrong about CM Punk

On today’s Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry gave an update on Matt Hardy and he had some thoughts on what Booker T said about CM Punk. Here are some highlights:

Henry talking about the injury to Matt Hardy in his match against Orange Cassidy on AEW Dynamite this past week:

“I don’t know if you all paid attention, but Orange Cassidy, right before they went to the finish, he did a flying cross body where he cross bodied Matt Hardy right across the face. I hope that Matt Hardy is alright because I saw him later on in the evening, and his eye was shut, his nose was broken, his face was swollen up to where I couldn’t recognize him if I didn’t know what clothes he had on.”

Henry said he disagrees with Booker T’s assessment that CM Punk’s debut interview on Rampage was a “miss”:

“I don’t think Booker T actually watched the whole thing. I don’t think that he watched it from beginning to end. I think somebody told him about it because Booker T knows that if you have them, and this is a wrestling insider thing, I’m going to work with all of you behind the curtain, when you got ‘em, you sit there and you allow it to happen. You don’t have to do anything. For two consecutive minutes, CM Punk could not breathe out deeply without the crowd intensifying. You talk about a party? I was there in the party. You could not hear people standing next to you screaming at the top of their lungs, ‘Punk is awesome.  He’s back.’ You couldn’t hear it. It was like a jet engine right in your face. My clothes were vibrating. I’ve been in the ring with The Undertaker in the main event of WrestleMania. I’ve been in the ring with The Rock. I’ve stood at ringside and I’ve been able to watch Stone Cold stun everybody, and every time he stunned somebody, the sound got louder and louder. I’ve experienced what it’s like to wrestle Ric Flair, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, some of the best of the best. I’ve watched the Road Warriors. When you sit at the curtain and that talent comes out, that wrestler comes out, when CM Punk’s music hits, there was eight seconds before he appeared through the tunnel. When he came out, that pop that I thought was unreal went higher for two minutes. He stayed down on the ground. He stood up, and it went higher again. He got in the ring and they went to break. Not one word spoken, we went to break, and the crowd through the entire break screamed and hollered. When he grabbed the microphone and he started talking, he talked more about ROH. He referenced the WWE, not saying words, not mentioning nobody in particular. You’re wrong, Book. I love you like a play cousin, but you’re wrong. There was a party. I was there for the party.”

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