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Matt Hardy: "I would like people to embrace the Briscoes, especially Jay, that's who they judge it on. Like he is not represented by that one tweet."

All Elite Wrestling/ROH

All Elite Wrestling/ROH

On this week's "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," Hardy covered Cody Rhodes leaving for WWE, his thoughts on Stone Cold's match, the Briscoes and FTR match at ROH, and his feelings on Triple H.

Matt Hardy commenting on Cody Rhodes leaving AEW for WWE:

"I've always had a very good relationship with Cody. I spent a lot of time with Cody, obviously, during the pandemic era. We were stuck in Jacksonville. We would do a lot of Dynamite, and then we would also tape the next day the Dynamite for the following week. So there was a lot of time that I spent with all the AEW guys in the very beginning of AEW, especially during the pandemic era. So I actually grew really close with Cody during that time," Matt said.

"So, you know, it always sucks to see someone leave, especially when you're buddies with them and you work together, but also you're happy for them. Whenever they go somewhere else you know they're going to be successful. It's kind of like they get a new lease on life and you have to do that in wrestling. I feel like I'm a prime example of that, like you can't stay in one place for too long. Unless you're like 'The Guy', and there's only a few of those. There's going to be an Undertaker. There's going to be Roman Reigns. But everybody else, you kind of have to keep moving around to keep yourself hot and relevant and new and fresh. So I was very happy for Cody."

"I thought his presentation was great. It was AEW Cody, which is cool, and also a big hats off to AEW for creating such an amazing character on their television. I was very happy for him and I thought they had a killer match. Him and Seth Rollins really tore the house down."

Matt’s thoughts on Steve Austin returning at WrestleMania 38:

“I loved it. I was so happy that Steve got that moment. Steve was always great to myself and my brother, but he was always really cool with me. We had a great relationship."

"He looked great, like a million bucks. I'm so glad he got to have a match in 2022 and it was constructed in the right way where he looked great in it. I had texted him later that night and then got to talk to him a little later on. So I was very happy for him, and no one more deserving in my opinion than Stone Cold Steve Austin to have that moment."

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Matt on the FTR-Briscoes match at the Ring of Honor PPV:

"Oh my God. FTR and the Briscoes were amazing. I mean, it blew me away. It made me proud to be a person who loves tag team wrestling and who believes tag team wrestling deserves main event status. Those guys killed it. FTR, they really are great. I love how they incorporate old school aspects into a new school game. The Briscoes are one of my favorite tag teams of all time and I want nothing but the best for those guys. I love Jay and Mark. They're both great guys.”

He continued, “I know there's a lot of people out there that are judgmental of them from stuff 10 or 12 years ago, but I just feel like one thing as a society we have learned how to do is also forgive people when they legitimately change. You know, like, there's a lot of people if they hadn't forgiven me whenever I went through my tough period, my turbulent time, if they hadn't forgiven me, then I wouldn't be who I am now."

"So I want to just put this out now publicly. I would like people to embrace the Briscoes, especially Jay, that's who they judge it on. Like he is not represented by that one tweet that stands out so much about him. He is a much wiser, older matured person and he's a good dude. And I really want the best for those guys."

Matt talking about Triple H:

"You know, I mean it is what it is. I mean we all have to retire one day. I remember I reached out to him after I heard about his condition and spoke to him briefly. Obviously, I've known Paul for a very long time, and worked with him many, many times and had good experiences with him. He's incredible in the ring. He's one of the smoothest workers you will ever be in the ring with. He's really smart. He's a student of the game. He loves the business and obviously, I love this insane sh*t, so I really bond with anybody else who has that much of a love for it.”

“Whenever I came back to WWE those last years 2017 through 2020, I had a great relationship with him. I feel like once he retired from being a full time wrestler and he was more of an office person that NXT was really like his huge passion. He loved that so much with every iota of his heart. That was really special to him, building that from the ground up and creating something special. I got along great with him.”

“I feel like anytime he produced any of our stuff, he had really good ideas and he was really selfless when it came to helping talent, especially once he didn't have to focus on anything in-ring. He was at his best at that point. So I had a great relationship with him those last three years that I was there, for sure the best."

"I reached out to him and wanted to make sure he was okay. I was glad he was hopefully recovering well. It sucks he has to retire, but I'm glad he's healthy because he has a big family and I know he loves his daughters.”

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