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Matt Hardy: “I’ve been thrilled with my experience in AEW”

Matt Hardy has opened up on his experience in AEW thus far while doing an interview with SportsKeeda.

After WWE not using him on television after his brother, Jeff, went down with an injury that resulted in him getting surgery and being on the sidelines for several months, Hardy decided to let his contract expire with WWE.

Since that time, Hardy has made it clear that his decision to depart from WWE was not due to the lack of money the company was willing to offer him. Instead, it came down to the creative direction of his character and role on WWE television.

According to Hardy, he’s very happy with his decision to join AEW and can’t say enough good things about the promotion.

“I’ve been thrilled with my experience in AEW. I honestly can’t say enough good things about it. I wanted to pick up where we should’ve left off with “Broken” Matt Hardy and I did a little story segueing into that, which is Free The Delete, which is on my YouTube channel.

That talked about how there is a new version of Matt Hardy coming to AEW. Once I started, from the jump, my plan was to do different versions of my personas throughout time, as the “Multifarious” Matt Hardy. Ultimately my goal is to lead that into something new, something to put that together into one entity, and have that be the next persona I really want to get over and run with.”

Hardy also talked about getting onboard with DDPY, creating content for “Being The Elite,” and more. Check out the full interview here.

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