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On this week's "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," Matt was asked what makes Orange Cassidy such a special performer.

“Orange Cassidy is so dedicated to his character. He’s never on a mainstream platform, and in the large scheme of things, he’s never really broken character so people really buy into what he’s doing," Matt said.

"That works, and we have to drag that out and let him run with that as long as we can. People enjoy his character. It’s super entertaining. It’s super different. It’s super unique."

"On top of Orange Cassidy being so committed to the character and being so good at the gimmick, he’s also a hell of a worker. Considering he plays the gimmick of Orange Cassidy who doesn’t really try, he really doesn’t have to work, he doesn’t have to bust his ass, but if the scenario is right and if he needs to, he certainly can. He can go with the absolute best of them.”

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