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This week on the "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy" podcast, Matt and Jon Alba talked about the career of Trevor Lee, who many fans know as NXT's Cameron Grimes. They talked about his rise on the North Carolina scene, TNA and his signing with WWE.

Matt also gave his thoughts on some current wrestling topics. Here are some highlights:

Matt talking about Private Party:

"There's like a legitimate bond between all three of us as friends and they really do look up towards me as a mentor and I look at them as my disciples, you know, as my students, and I'm very happy to give back to them. We really share a bond and connection on a personal level as well. So that was really important to me to reconcile with Private Party. I'm glad it happened there in Queens, New York. Those guys are from New York as people know. The fact that the crowd reacted to it was amazing because it wasn't an angle that had been pushed hard on TV and whatnot. We did bits and pieces to try and start making this work and it really got over big, and everybody was so happy with it. I know the AEW office said that it was a great piece of business and they were super happy about it. I'm very excited to see what the future holds for the three of us now."

His thoughts on The Acclaim winning the AEW Tag Team Championship:

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"I thought it was great. I thought it was a great time for The Acclaim to win. I'll say first and foremost, I'm all about acknowledging hard work, especially when someone busted their ass right from the jump and you see someone get over organically because that's what myself and my brother had to do. We kind of were behind the eight ball. We'd been job guys.”

"Tony put them together as a tag team to see if they would work, so they were kind of like, you know, not a tag team before and then they started working together and they were really in unison. I loved Max Caster’s raps. I'm a big fan of his creative rap style. I'm a big rap fan in general. I love to freestyle. Hell, I almost got a gimmick like that, myself and John Cena rapping on the bus on European tours doing freestyle. But you know, Max Caster doing that deal, and Anthony Bowens is such a unique, inspiring story as well, you know, him coming out and revealing his sexuality and really leaning into it. Like being someone who's a role model for young men like him. I've dug all that. So once they got over and they hit so big organically, it makes me proud, because you can tell they put in the effort and they bust their ass, and they're very passionate about what they do. So I will always, always, acknowledge hard work, and those guys worked hard to get to the spot they're in.”

On Saraya’s debut in AEW:

"A huge contributor in terms of star power for the women's division. If she ends up being physically okay that she can wrestle on a part time basis, or at least physically interact with the other females, it's going to be a huge boost for the division. I mean she was truly one of the cornerstones of the initial women's revolution where women's wrestling started being taken much more seriously on American pro wrestling programming."

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