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Matt Hardy on WarnerMedia/Discovery merger: "They are extremely happy with AEW right now. I don’t know of anyone that has been concerned about it."

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

On this week's "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," Hardy and Christian spoke about their WrestleMania 2000 match, their thoughts on crushing WCW at the time, and their merch sales during this period.

Matt Hardy talking about the stability of AEW on TNT/TBS with Warner Media and Discovery merging together:

“They are extremely happy with AEW right now. I don't know of anyone that has been concerned about it. I haven't seen any kind of worry or concern. I mean, it's just business as usual," Hardy said.

"For the foreseeable future, I continue to see it as business as usual, especially because the Dynamite show is doing great. It's in the top five every single week. It's a live program, which people love and they're really behind it. You have to always remember too that it's only three years old, which is quite a statement that it's already in the top three to five every single week."

Matt talking about The Hardy Boyz merch sales during this time:

"I do know that we were one of the hot young acts because I knew our merchandise was doing so well," he shared.

"I know in the year 2000, we sold more merchandise than any other tag team in history over the course of that year, and we were breaking records at every level, which is very cool, and that was us in our prime or at our height, whatever you want to say.”

On what some talent in WWE was thinking as they started crushing WCW ratings in 2000:

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"I do know that we had put the accelerator to the floor and we were blowing Nitro away. I do know that there was a feeling in the locker room where the gap was so far away that guys were worried that we were getting so far away that it was ultimately going to be bad for business because they wanted competition to stick around," Matt shared.

"I do remember when we were there in '98, I felt like guys got treated a lot better. They were a lot more lenient if people wanted to negotiate deals or get better money because there was someplace else you could go and make big money besides WWE. You know, obviously WCW was there and they had deep pockets as well. So I know the further down the road we got and once we started pulling more ahead of WCW, a lot of guys really were worried that if WCW does end up going out of business, it's going to be bad for business in the big scheme of thing because it's going to take away a lot of leverage from the pro wrestlers who are classified as independent contractors."

Christian said D-Von Dudley was terrified of heights:

“He was terrified of heights. The day before (the ladder match) with no crowd, it’s hard to get him to go up any of these ladders. He was just terrified," Christian laughed.

"Once the crowd was there, he got up there. You can hear him talking to himself, but he did it.”

Christian’s thoughts on this match:

"I think we were so young and hungry, too, that we realized the opportunity that was in front of us as far as making a statement. I think all three teams, it was like, we had lightning in a bottle when it was Edge and Christian and the Hardys. Then when the Dudleys came along, it just added that dangerous element that our teams were lacking. They were bigger, they were dangerous, and they brought that tough, kind of more streetfighter element to our finesse at the time," Christian stated.

"It just gelled and worked. I think we all were of the same mindset that we wanted to put tag team wrestling back on the map. We wanted it to be an important part of the show. We wanted to be a springboard to launching all of our careers."

"Matt said this from the very first Edge and Christian versus the Hardy Boyz ladder match. Matt said it best. He said, 'It took us from being WWE wrestlers to WWE Superstars overnight', and we were on our way here.”

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