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Matt Hardy says it would be fitting for he and Jeff to be inducted in WWE HOF + thoughts on GCW, Mt. Rushmore of tag teams

This week’s “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast is an “Ask Matt Anything” episode where Matt answers questions about his career and he gives his thoughts on GCW, the WWE Hall Of Fame, and many other topics.

Hardy giving his thoughts on GCW:

“I think it’s an interesting promotion. I think they’ve done a fantastic job of getting a lot of buzz on themselves, and that’s part of the secret to success in this day and age. If you can get buzz on yourself and you can get people on social media talking about you, it can translate over to actual ticket sales and making money and it has for GCW.”

On if he sees him and Jeff one day going into the WWE Hall of Fame:

“I think so. I feel very confident about that. I think that would be fitting, and I think obviously, we’re a deserving team. Jeff would be deserving on his own. I think there’s a lot of cases that can be made that I’m very deserving on my own as well. I feel like the most fitting person to induct us would be the guy who we learned the most from, who really helped us when we first started becoming a success in pro wrestling, and that would be Michael P.S. Hayes.”

On being one of the King of the Ring royal guards:

“We ended up getting that gig. They told us, ‘Hey, we need you to come up a day early. We’re booked for the televisions to the Pay-Per-View and we have a role for you on the show.’ We’re like, ‘Oh my god. Are they going to have us wrestle or do a dark match? This is so cool.’”

“Then we got up there and they had these big gesture outfits. They were built for big muscle bodybuilder guys that did it the previous years. They were baggy on us and loose, which was so funny. Jeff and I found so much comedy in that. Then we went out and we obviously did the doors. I know I had an earpiece in and they would say, ‘Open the door. Close the door.’ The directions were very simple. I just had to listen to the earpiece.”

“There was one point where I remember opening a door and someone threw a drink down, like a fountain drink. It was just packed with ice and hard as a rock and hit me in the head. I remember it almost knocked me unconscious. I remember they just wanted us to be very stoic, very grim, and not change facial expressions. Then I was about to pass out. I tried all that I could do to regain my composure and just try to remain stoic and keep a straight face. So that was my biggest laughable moment about that.”

On who he thinks should be on the Mount Rushmore of tag teams:

“I think the first tag team, known as the most dominant tag team ever would be the Road Warriors. I have to put them on there. Then I’m going to say Tully and Arn, The Brain Busters, because I thought they were so dominant throughout their period with the Four Horsemen and they brought a very special style, a technical style for heels. I feel like I have to go with the Dudleys because they’re so decorated as well. I think the Dudleys are up there. Then just considering what we’re doing now here to cement our legacy in AEW, I’m going to have to be biased and go with the Hardys.”

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