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Matt Hardy says Jeff Hardy was nearly knocked out early during AEW Double or Nothing match

On this week's "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," Matt discussed Jeff's condition after their Double or Nothing match, Jeff having issues with his boot, and how he feels about The Young Bucks.

Matt Hardy talking about Jeff’s condition after their match against The Young Bucks at Double or Nothing:

"I was happy with the match, especially considering very early in the match, Jeff was almost knocked out. He got hurt pretty bad. That's why he's being pulled from the match in Los Angeles, obviously. He was kind of running on fumes going through the match, so he still held up his end of the bargain pretty good in the big scheme of things.”

"He doesn't remember the match at all after that happened. He was literally just a vessel being given directions throughout this match to do what he was supposed to do. So considering he really got knocked loopy terribly at some point early in the match, he still did pretty well to go through and do everything he did.”

On the issue Jeff was having with his boot during this same match and an update on Adam Cole:

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"He has boots that buckle up, and one of his buckles snapped and broke, so he had a pretty rough, hard night. Adam Cole also got injured as well during his match.”

Matt said The Young Bucks are a generational tag-team:

"They are so special. If you are a legitimate fan of pro wrestling and you don't respect The Young Bucks, you don't have to like them, maybe they're not your cup of tea, but if you don't respect The Young Bucks, you don't get it," Matt said.

"You do not get it because they are a generational tag team and they are extremely special. On top of that, both of them know exactly what they're doing in the ring. They are two guys who are generals in the ring."

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