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Matt Jackson believes WWE NXT going up against AEW will bring more attention to them

TalkSport has released their full interview with the Young Bucks, who serve as executives for All Elite Wrestling. 

Matt and Nick Jackson also wrestle for the promotion in the tag team division. During the interview, the brothers talked about WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon and WWE moving NXT head-to-head against AEW

October 2nd marks the date that AEW will go live on TNT and the first night of the NXT vs. AEW war. 

Nick: “Ah man [laughs]. We all knew in AEW, we all knew they [WWE] were going to make that exact move, it was just a matter of what channel they were going to choose. So we were prepared for them to do this because it’s Vince McMahon. He’s done this for years and years! He’s tried to kill territories his whole career so what he’s trying to do is kill us from the start. But, you know what? I feel like it’s not going to happen this time around because wrestling fans need this and wrestling fans know that they need this. If it’s 20 years since we had a real, true alternative, I feel fans finally understand that and they know that and feel the momentum. I feel like we’re ready for it.”

Matt: “I really think it will bring more attention to us and it’s going to make their product better, our product better because they’re competing head-to-head with us and they have to put on a better show.”


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