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Matt Jackson on what separates AEW Dynamite from WWE’s television shows

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) recently did an interview with Monsters & Critics where they spoke about a wide range of topics. 

During the interview, the brothers talked about what separates AEW from WWE specifically with their television programs. 

All Elite Wrestling airs their weekly show, Dynamite, on TNT head-to-head with WWE NXT on Wednesday nights. Just by watching the product that AEW presents, it’s clear that the action from AEW is different than what fans typically see on WWE Raw and SmackDown. 

AEW presents a more pro wrestling product while WWE shows sports entertainment. That is for good reason as AEW is supposed to be an alternative to WWE. 

For Matt, it’s a hard question to answer because he doesn’t watch Raw. Instead, he sees the feedback from fans on social media about the show. 

“We have great wrestling matches and, you know, you can watch four to five, even sometimes six matches on the show, and these matches are all going the distance. We’re always going to have a clear victor in these matches there’s no BS finishes. It’s great pro wrestling with a payoff conclusion. And I think it’s crazy because that’s what wrestling really is like, right? You know, historically back in the day, that’s what wrestling always was. And somehow it kind of became this really super soapy thing with these two finishes in every match. And really, it seems crazy, but it’s like we advertise something and then we go ahead and give the people what we advertise. It sounds nuts, right? But, so far, it’s working.”

Matt continued by noting that one thing he thinks AEW is doing well and has been out of the gate is tag team wrestling. He doesn’t know the last time tag team wrestling has been so prominent on the scene to the point that it can headline shows. 

“You know, we did this tournament that was really successful. A lot of people liked it, and it established a lot of teams and it just feels like tag team wrestling is back. I can’t really tell you how the tag wrestling’s been on Mondays and Fridays, but I can tell you that on our show, it’s definitely something that’s featured.”


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