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Matt Jackson opens up on working through an injury

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Earlier this week it was reported that Matt Jackson was working with a legitimate injury as he has a partially torn MCL and a thinning of the ACL.

AEW turned it into a storyline where he has an ankle injury. Not only did he work the Full Gear PPV event while injured, but he’s been doing so for quite some time.

The Young Bucks beat FTR to win the AEW Tag Team Titles at Full Gear. After the show, they took part in a media scrum where Matt opened up on the injury.

"It's a very real injury that I've been dealing with, and it's been a rough year for me.”

Jackson brought up how after coming back from being on hiatus due to the COVID-19 related lockdown, he broke his rib when he jumped out of the dugout. He then did a dive off the entrance area and went through a table while working a match with The Butcher and The Blade.

Jackson noted that he realized that he was hobbling around at home shortly thereafter. At first, he thought he had a hairline fracture in his fibula or something. His wife told Dr. Sampson to get him an MRI to see what was going on.

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“Turns out it wasn't my fibula, but actually my soft tissue and it was the back of my knee. It was my MCL. It was diagnosed that after looking at the MRI, I had a slight tear."

He noted that he didn’t have any pain with his ACL. He recalled banging up his knee and after talking with doctors, they’re under the impression that the ACL injury maybe a decade or longer that he’s been dealing with while the MCL injury is newer.

Matt has been taking precautionary measures to ensure it doesn't become a full tear. While he knows his leg isn't perfect, he stressed that he felt good tonight.

"I’ve been rehabbing, I've been taping it before every match. This was my ninth match, I believe, with the injury and honestly, I felt pretty good with all things considered. Our medical staff is amazing, they would never send me out there if they weren't confident with me and how I felt."

He added that he will take every precaution and if he needs to get it to fix then they’ll see what happens.

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below (quotes can be found around the 10:04 mark):