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Matt Jackson shoots on Jim Ross and Jim Cornette during promo about Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston

On the latest episode of “Being The Elite,” Matt Jackson talked about the upcoming Young Bucks vs. Eddie Kingston/Jon Moxley match at AEW Double Or Nothing. Jackson said that he and Kingston weren’t really close on the indie scene because Kingston was slumming it on the undercard and smoking a cigarette with the ring crew. Jackson said Kingston was just a faceless wrestler while The Bucks were selling tons of merchandise. Jackson mocked Moxley coming out to “Wild Thing” before talking about a line by Jim Ross.

Jackson took issue with Jim Ross calling the upcoming AEW World Tag Team Title match at Double Or Nothing “unmatched.”

“The other day Jim Ross, the world’s worst commentator, hit a line about how unmatched we are against Jon [Moxley] and Eddie [Kingston]. Now, why exactly is that? After all, we are the world-class tag team that’s been doing this longer and at a higher level than anybody. I mean we’re the AEW World Tag Team Champions. Not them, Jim. In fact, last year these two men were at each other’s throats. I’d barely call them a tag team.”

“Is it because they look tougher than us? Because we wear outrageous headbands and luxury sneakers and smug looks on our faces? Is it because we don’t have smoker’s coughs or heavy accents? You don’t think I know what tough is? I guess I live completely comfortable every day of my life. I guess my back isn’t throbbing and my neck doesn’t click every time I get up off the floor after playing with my kids. I guess my right hand is completely functional and loose coins don’t slip through my grip every time a cashier hands me my change from back in Japan when I mangled it.”

“Yeah I guess the memories I have of working two jobs, praying my car wouldn’t get repossessed and my family and I wouldn’t be evicted from our apartment never happened. I guess Nick and I have just been handed everything. Didn’t have to scratch and claw our way into becoming completely self-made millionaires. But yeah, we don’t know what tough is, right? We didn’t just spill the blood of one of our closest friends, staining the ring canvas, and putting one of our greatest rivals out to pasture forever either, right?”

Jackson also namedropped an “industry-blackballed shock jock,” a reference to Jim Cornette:

“At Double or Nothing, when we beat you two, because we will, this isn’t any other wrestling organization where the two big singles stars team up to beat the tag champs. I can already visualize the anti-Young Bucks hate tweets, the GIFs, the memes body-shaming us talking about hairlines and ages calling us mean-spirited nicknames from industry-blackballed shock jocks. Its all just noise anyway, right? Noise we can’t even hear at this point because we decided to hit the mute button on the world a very long time ago.”

h/t to Ringside News for the quotes.

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