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Matt Jackson and Brandon Cutler test positive for COVID-19

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Matt Jackson has tested positive for COVID-19.

The announcement was made in the latest bio update on The Young Bucks Twitter account. The bio reads, "Loyal to a fault, but sometimes have to make executive decisions. Always book ourselves strong. Our future grandkids are set for life. Matt has covid."

Nick previously battled COVID in September 2020. Matt hasn't wrestled since the December 17th episode of Dynamite.

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The Bucks are currently in a storyline that seemingly points to a split within the Super Elite but they are not advertised for any matches in the near future.

We wish Matt a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: Bryan Alvarez is reporting that Brandon Cutler also tested positive. Since Cutler and Matt were around Nick, all three of them will stay home in California this week and they will not be on Dynamite.