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Max Caster confesses his toughest AEW opponents to write rap verses about



Max Caster and Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed appeared on this week's episode of "Barstool Rasslin'" to talk about how Caster come up with his raps and the hardest opponent he's had to come up with a rap for.

"I mean, that's my job. I have to do it," Caster said about coming up with his raps. "There's nothing else for me to do."

"So when we find out we have a match, yeah, of course, I'm stretching, I'm getting dressed, and I'm getting ready for the match. But the most important thing is that I have a little bit of time by myself, and really think about how to pick apart our opponents."

Max continued, "I like being current. I like current events. I like politics, anything we can do to work that in without getting me and Anthony in trouble. I think that the true skill that I have is saying these things that are horrible, but making them funny for everybody."

When asked the toughest raps he's had to write against opponents, Caster responded, "It's The Dark Order because we've wrestled them so many times and I've gotten them in every single angle I can get them in."

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"I'm like, 'Oh, these guys are a dom and a sub. This guy wears a wig. It's Dark Order, but there's no dark people in your group, what's up with that?' So, I've exhausted the Dark Order so much that every time we wrestled them on an Elevation match or something, me and Anthony looked at each other like, 'Here we go again. Got to figure something completely new for The Dark Order.'"

"So at this point, it's them, but everybody else is fair game. I love being able to just rip on legends. When I got Christian at the Pay-Per-View, that's a really popular one for me. Bryan Danielson, I said, ‘Bowen’s arms are bigger than your legs’, and the camera zooms out to show his legs. Beautiful TV moments that we make every single week doing this stuff.”

Other topics covered during the podcast are the origins of The Acclaimed, their music taste, and how Anthony Bowens keeps from laughing during their raps.

The full interview between The Acclaimed and Barstool Rasslin' can be seen below.

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