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MJF defeated Brian Pillman Jr. on AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

In the second match at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, Brian Pillman Jr. took on MJF. Pillman had Julia Hart in his corner and Wardlow was in the corner of MJF.

Match notes written in real-time:

The match started with Pillman taking MJF down and punching him several times in the head. Pillman also hit deep arm drags and a hip toss, followed by a back body drop. Pillman continued on offense until MJF hit a hard slap to the face. MJF took over by driving Pillman into the corner and following up with kicks to the gut and then tossing Pillman back first into the corner of the ring.

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They went to commercial break as MJF took over on offense. After the break, Pillman hit a high cross body off the ropes. Pillman went for a dive onto MJF at ringside but MJF pulled Julia Hart in front of him. MJF grabbed Hart's arm but Pillman dove through the ropes with a dropkick on MJF. Pillman tried the Air Pillman off the top but MJF countered into the Salt of the Earth submission.

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