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MJF says The Miz is great but not on his level, no problem with “Boom Boy” Adam Cole

MJF appeared on “Throwing Down with Renee and Miesha” to promote his Long Island homecoming on tonight’s AEW Dynamite. Here are some highlights:

Renee asked, “Why have you decided to have such an issue with CM Punk?”

MJF:  “What I did was I was trying to be respectful.  I put my hand out.  I tried to shake CM Punk’s hand.  I was trying my best.  Not many people get to say MJF put his hand out as a sign of respect.  CM Punk is probably the only guy that can say that.  I put my hand out and what does this guy do?  He walked away.  He snubbed me.  Now, whatever happens after that, no matter how badly he gets verbally assassinated by me, that’s on him.  That’s not on me.  Can we be honest with ourselves here?”

Renee:  “You’re coming into this business, a young man with a very bright future.  CM Punk is a man who has paved the way for a lot of other professional wrestlers and now here he is face to face with you in the ring.  I would sort of expect a smidge more respect from you, no?”

MJF:  “What was I supposed to kiss his feet?  Here’s what happened.  I gave people on Thanksgiving Eve the most spectacular, the most amazing verbal joust in the history of our sport.  Over a million people watched that segment between me and CM Punk.  Over a million on one of the worst possible days you can air any show because what are people doing on Thanksgiving Eve?  They’re either cooking, or you’re going out and getting pissed drunk with your buddies.  People had no choice but to sit and stay on their couch, at home, and turn on their TV because they knew they were about to see something special.  If anybody should be going out to shake anybody’s hand, CM Punk should be trying to shake my hand for making him relevant again.  That’s what should be happening.”

Renee:  “What’s your reaction to Punk saying you’ve been replaced by Britt Baker as one of the four pillars of AEW?”

MJF:  “You know, Punk is getting a little bit weird with that.  He really needs to stop complimenting this girl left and right.  It’s getting odd.  Britt is one of my friends.  I’m getting a little bit nervous about it.  That’s why I brought it to the forefront.  That’s all.”

Renee:  “What do you think Adam Cole has to say about this?”

MJF:  “Adam Cole did an interview with that Brandon Walker guy, that big hick, disgusting.  He did an interview with him and Adam Cole said that if I talk about Britt anymore, he’s going to sock me in the face.  Listen, all respect to the Boom Boy.  Adam is a great guy. I don’t have a problem with Adam.  My problem is with Punk.  My problem with Punk is he walks out there.  He puts on this little happy face.  He’s pretending that he cares about the younger talent.  He’s pretending that he cares about the success of AEW.  All that man is doing is pretending and I’m sick of it.  All I’m trying to do is put that in the forefront.  I’m just trying to call him out on his b.s.”

Renee:  “How do you feel about the comparisons to The Miz?”

MJF:  “You know, it’s so funny, and I’ll be completely honest.  I think Miz is a tremendous, tremendous, tremendous performer.  Key word, performer.  The guy is gold on the stick.  In the ring, very solid too.  I just think if I’m being completely fair here, and it’s not me talking sh*t, it’s just factual, there are no holes in my game.  That is not a jab at Miz.  Miz is great, but he’s not me, just like CM Punk isn’t me.  Just like Bryan Danielson isn’t me.   Just like Kenny Omega isn’t me.  All of these guys are great, but they’re all lacking in something.  For the life of me, I’ve tried everything.  I’ve called people, I’ve studied my matches and promos, there’s nothing I can’t do.  It’s honestly disheartening sometimes because I would like to get better, but I can’t.  It’s like, what’s even the point in trying anymore?  It’s ridiculous.”

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