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Following Tony Khan's announcement, MJF cut his first promo since his return at AEW All Out.

MJF acted like a babyface and he got a massive babyface reaction from the fans in Buffalo. He got loud cheers when he said that he's better than Moses and he plans on winning the AEW World Title.

There was no swerve so at least for now, he's going to continue playing things up like a babyface. Jon Moxley interrupted as MJF was getting cheers from the crowd. 

After Moxley entered the ring, MJF turned on the fans as expected and he took off his Josh Allen jersey. MJF said that maybe he will take the AEW Title to a real wrestling company with real fans where his hero Cody Rhodes works. He also said that maybe he will work for a "real" boss Nick Khan and his "personal hero" The Game because that is what's best for business.

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After MJF left the ring, Moxley said that he's pissed off about many things, including the fact that he isn't AEW World Champion. Mox put over all of the guys in the World Title tournament and he said that he's gonna "take the shot" and that it's time to be a legend.

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