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Some news is expected to break in the next day or so or by early next week on the situation between The Elite and CM Punk.

Wade Keller spoke on a audio show about AEW not having some of their top names available because of the backstage fight and how they have basically been erased until the investigation is complete.

Keller said that he has heard that we will be hearing something soon because the silence on the situation will break within the coming days.

Keller said, "I will say I'm expecting the silence to end soon as far as this goes. So keep your ear to the ground, I will say...There should be a breaking of the silence on the issue, I'll put it that way. Probably this week but by early this week but I think most likely this week."

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No word on if this means that the investigation is about to reach it's conclusion but several of the people who were involved in the fight had their suspensions lifted this week so there has been some progress made. Depending on the results of the investigation, we could see some of those top names back soon. In Punk's case, he's not expected back anytime soon because of his injury.

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