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New Japan Pro Wrestling 'badly' does not want to lose Kenny Omega

The latest episode of "Being The Elite" hinted that Kenny Omega would be signing with All Elite Wrestling. This means that he's not going to WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling will need to work out a deal with AEW if they want to book him on their shows. At first, it looked like NJPW was going to continue working exclusively with ROH but now they may be considering also working with AEW because of Omega. Dave Meltzer provided details on today's Wrestling Observer Radio.

"New Japan does not want to lose Kenny Omega, badly," Dave Meltzer said on today's Wrestling Observer Radio.

"I think, again, this is exceedingly educated speculation that things will change in this relationship. The idea as of Saturday was that New Japan was gonna work with Ring Of Honor. ROH I guess didn't really want The Young Bucks and Cody and those guys on the [Madison Square] Garden show. There's kind of a weird situation there. Everybody's nice and everybody's cordial with each other but business is business and New Japan has partnered with Ring Of Honor and All Elite is starting out and New Japan was nice to them but they were not going to break up their partnership with Ring Of Honor over All Elite so everything was kind of status quo and All Elite was looking like they weren't going to have a relationship with New Japan."

Meltzer noted that it looks like Omega is going to sign with All Elite and not with New Japan. Omega can't say anything right now because he needs to wait until his NJPW deal expires at the end of this month.

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"Kenny Omega has not said this specifically but the tea leaves kind of say it. I kind of heard from WWE that they really wanted him and it's not gonna happen unless there are changes. It's gonna be All Elite. If that's the case, New Japan really wants Kenny Omega so they may be working with All Elite. I don't know how it's all gonna come down but it definitely went from the idea that they may work with All Elite at some point to now I think its got a very good shot of happening but there's still a lot of barriers and its a very complicated issue. New Japan really wants Kenny Omega and they really want Chris Jericho."