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Nick Wayne discusses signing with AEW, plans to write a book, being a regular for GCW

Nick Wayne/Twitter

Nick Wayne/Twitter

While in Dallas, Texas at The Collective, Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling caught up with Nick Wayne. Nick dove into being a part of GCW and wrestling for the JCW and L.A. Fights subsidiaries. He explained what DEFY Wrestling has means to his career, his plans to write a book and signing with All Elite Wrestling.

Nick wants to write a book about his life story, getting into wrestling etc. intends on writing it in his 30s or 40sSo yeah, I’d definitely love to write a book when I’m way older. Maybe around mid-30s or something, mid-40s, just because I feel like the whole story is so awesome, you know? The way I got into professional wrestling, the age I started training at, the unfortunate tragedy I had of my father [Buddy Wayne] passing at 11 years old, still being in training when my father passed and just, like you were saying, being at such a young age, traveling the country and doing like the best independents in the world today and just being able to reflect on doing such awesome things at a young age, you know? I feel like not very many people can tell a story like that so I’d love to just share out everything that’s happened to me to the public world.

If he's had the chance to reflect on what he's been able to accomplish at 16 years oldSo like, traveling every weekend and wrestling multiple times a weekend, it’s definitely hard to find the time to sit back and -- at 16-years-old, still being in a public high school, it’s like weekends, you’re focus is all on wrestling. Weekdays, still have focus on professional wrestling but also education as well. So when I have the free time, I love to sit back and rewatch film of matches and whatnot and just like, I write all my matches down in a book and sometimes I’ll just flip through the book and be like, ‘Wow, I had this match, I had this match,’ you know? So when I get the opportunity to, yes, I definitely love to but sometimes it’s hard to be able to just sit down and lay back, you know? Very rare to get those opportunities sometimes.

Nick talks signing with AEWMan, it feels so crazy [to be signed to AEW]. Just hearing people tell me the title, like, ‘The youngest wrestler ever signed to All Elite Wrestling.’ It sounds so crazy. That’s another thing I’d love to talk about and put in the book one day. But man, just from now until I’m 18 years old, we got about a year-and-a-half left. I’m just working as hard as I can right now so the day I turn 18, I’m ready to go, I look the part. My talent in the ring is crisp, you know? Just working to be the best version of myself.

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Confirms that he must graduate high school in order for the AEW deal to go into effectYes, I do have to graduate high school [in order for my AEW deal to start], yeah.