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AEW's Nyla Rose discusses what led to her 2020 title reign losing momentum, how she feels about changes that were made

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

During her appearance on the "Fightful" podcast, Nyla Rose talked about her reign as the AEW Women’s Champion in 2020.

“During the start of my title reign, the start of unfortunately the pandemic era of wrestling, this society where people want resolution immediately after something is insane to me. The world was literally on a lockdown, and people were like, ‘Where is the champion? Why isn’t the champion on TV," she said.

"These booger eating morons out there, the news literally said nobody could leave. I was stuck at home. Do you think I didn’t want to be on television? My job is literally to be on television. Do you think I didn’t want to be on television holding a big a*s shiny belt? Of course, I wanted to do that. I legally and literally could not leave Washington DC. I was on lockdown unfortunately for about a month and a half or two months and it killed a lot of the momentum. It was a real very serious thing we were dealing with the world."

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"One thing I love that AEW does very well is pivoting and knowing how to address something. This was a major curveball that affected everyone on this planet. At the time, I was upset. Shida took something that was precious to me, something I worked very hard for, a long time to get, but at that time, the world needed a hero and I can’t be mad at her for wanting to throw a little bit of positivity at people out there when they are dealing with so much negativity going on with this world."

"We didn’t know what was going to happen from day to day. The world needed a hero, and Hikaru Shida was that hero for that time, for the pandemic period. I can't be mad at that in hindsight.”

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