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Paige VanZant will continue with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship while also working for All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

ESPN's Marc Raimondi spoke with Paige VanZant to talk about her signing with AEW. She signed her deal on Wednesday while starting a feud with Tay Conti.

VanZant talked about how she became involved with AEW:

"I kind of started with AEW in little pieces. I showed up to assist Dan (Lambert) with a few things. He had been training some people with AEW, so I was more just along for his backup. Then the more I got involved, the more I loved it, and I just realized I was meant to be a part of the show. I wanted to be one of the wrestlers for them and I knew I would be really good at it. The conversation didn't really take long once I told my manager, 'Hey, I want to be in AEW.' He said, 'Alright, I'll work on it.' I showed up at a show, signed the contract, and the deal was done."

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Paige on what attracted her to AEW:

"Everything about it. You know my athleticism. I come from a fighting background, I come from combat sports. I also come from a gymnastic background. I feel like there are so many parts of my skill set that I'm not able to utilize in pro fighting. Pro wrestling has been something I've wanted to get into for a very long time, but I've had prior contracts that didn't allow that. Luckily, I'm still a professional Bare Knuckle boxer with the BKFC. They couldn't have been more supportive, so they're actually supporting this transition is well. I'll still be doing Bare Knuckle boxing with the BKFC and doing AEW. They allowed me to have an open ended contract where I could go compete and be a part of AEW pro wrestling. So that was a big push, just having their support throughout the entire thing, and I know that they're going to help build the AEW and vice versa. I think it's going to be a really cool crossover between the two worlds because they are very similar. They are in the combat sports world.”

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