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Paul Wight talks Daniel Bryan and CM Punk potentially signing with AEW



It’s been well documented that Daniel Bryan has reportedly signed with AEW and is expected to arrive at the Arthur Ashe Stadium show on September 22. On the flip side, CM Punk has been reportedly in talks with AEW, but there’s been no confirmation whether he’s actually signed a deal. There have been various teasers by AEW regarding Punk coming in with the belief is he’ll make his promotional debut at the AEW Rampage show on August 20 from Chicago.

Paul Wight spoke in an interview with Ring Report about the possibility of these two stars joining All Elite Wrestling while promoting his role in Netflix's Fast & Furious: Spy Racers South Pacific

"I’m excited about it. I don’t really know. I’ve heard, of course, some backstage scuttlebutt. I’m friends with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk both. I think if either one of those guys made a serious commitment to come to AEW, they would blow the roof off the industry. I think both those guys are incredible talents and they have a lot to offer any company that they join."

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Wight continued by noting that they both will fit in AEW and like how they’re treated in AEW compared to somewhere else. He brought up there being more freedom for them in AEW and being able to excel and give the fans what they love most about them. Wight stated there’s very little micromanaging in AEW and a lot of trust in your professionalism and knowing who you are as a talent and what you bring to the table.

"Personally, from where I’m sitting, I think it would be an incredible opportunity for Phil and Daniel to come here to AEW. If they do, that’s fantastic."

Wight added that he’s like most fans by waiting to see what happens.