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PHOTO: AEW’s Fuego Del Sol shows off one-inch hole on his neck following procedure

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Fuego Del Sol underwent surgery last month to deal with a mouth infection. He was released from the hospital but the aftermath is gnarly as he has been left with a one-inch hole on his neck following the procedure.

He wrote, “Had a drainage tube taken out of my neck this morning and now I have an unstitched 1-inch hole in my neck… it’s wild!”

Some people including AEW referee Aubrey Edwards wanted to see a photo of the hole and it’s nasty. Check it out below, but be warned, it’s graphic:

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Del Sol debuted in May 2014 and worked on the independent wrestling scene in states such as Oklahoma and Texas. He worked under the ring name KJ Orso in January 2020 on an episode of Monday Night Raw in a match that he lost to Erick Rowan.

Fuego earned a contract with AEW following a match with Miro back in 2021 where he has since been used as someone to get over bigger AEW stars. Despite the booking, he has shown what he’s capable of in the ring.