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Thunder Rosa has provided an injury update in a new video she posted on her YouTube channel.

Rosa was sidelined in August due to a back injury after being pulled from her AEW Women’s Title defense against Toni Storm at All Out. The promotion had an interim title made, which was won by Stom. Rosa relinquished the title on the November 23 edition of Dynamite, which made Jamie Hayter the official Women's Champion after winning the interim title from Storm.

The former AEW Women's Champion shared the latest on her recovery in a video she posted on Sunday. At the beginning of the video, she talked about 2023 being a big year for her.

“We’re working really hard to continue to be very positive because 2023 is a year of rebuilding. I’m not just talking about rebuilding a character. I’m also talking about rebuilding my body and spirit.”

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Rosa said that she's been able to resume lifting weights but has still not been able to get back in the ring yet.

"The recovery is going really well. This week I was just able to do squats with a two-pound dumbbell. I haven't done any lifting for the last four or five months, so this is huge. Actually, two weeks ago, I was able to do a 5k, which I walked half of it. I just want to say that because I'm not allowed to run, I can jog, but that's pretty much it. Those are big milestones for me. I have not been able to be in the ring yet, so we're working on that. So there you go, that’s how recovery is going for me.”

You can watch the entire video by clicking on the player below: