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Potential spoiler on Tony Khan's major announcement tonight on AEW Dynamite



Some news on Tony Khan's major announcement appears to have leaked early.

Andrew Zarian reported today that he has heard that AEW and HBO Max have agreed to a deal. This would likely mean that fans would get to see the back catalog of AEW shows. For those of you wondering why AEW tapes so much content that airs on YouTube, it's to build their library to sell to a TV company/streaming service and it looks like a deal was reached.

Zarian also stated that Khan has "secured access" to an "International Pro Wrestling Promotions catalog." There is no word on which promotion. ROH is a possibility since news broke yesterday that people close to the company believe that a sale is still possible. If AEW has purchased ROH or gained the rights to their tape library then it could mean that fans will be able to see their back catalog on HBO Max. We'll see if that is indeed the case.

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For those of you who don't know, Zarian has a good track record and has broken many stories in the past. He was the first to break the news about the TBS Championship before it was officially announced by AEW.

Khan stated today on Busted Open Radio that he will appear live on AEW Dynamite to make his big announcement.