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AEW President Tony Khan said earlier on Busted Open Radio that he may have something up his sleeve for tonight's AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam live broadcast and the Rampage: Grand Slam taping that will air this Friday night on TNT.

Khan has been posting GIF's from the "WaterBoy" movie and he is strongly hinting that we might see Captain Insano, the character that was portrayed by AEW's Paul Wight.

AEW filed for the "Captain Insano" trademark earlier this year and White has talked about wanting to bring the character into the real world. It appears that this could happen this week.

Wight is not advertised for the show but it's possible that he could appear in the Golden Ticket Battle Royale being taped for Rampage: Grand Slam.

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Wight last wrestled in March on an episode of Dark: Elevation and he told Submission Radio that he had a hip transplant last December but he's been getting stronger because of physical therapy: "I had another hip transplant in December. I have two titanium hips, I’m like wolverine. The process for me has just been rehab, physical therapy, get stronger. My thing coming over here, to be honest, and sincere is, I came over here to work on my commentary skills because that’s where my future lies in wrestling, that’s where I came to contribute to the business. I came over here to compete periodically in small doses."