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Preston Vance on getting paired with Brodie Lee in Dark Order, why the group doesn’t need a new leader

AEW star Preston Vance (and 10 for The Dark Order) was interviewed this week on the Battleground podcast.

Vance talked about tonight’s AEW Rampage, how he joined AEW, being paired with Brodie Lee and The Dark Order, working with Brodie Lee Jr. (Negative 1), what Cody Rhodes said on the night of the Brodie Lee tribute, and more.

Here are a couple of highlights from the show:

Vance talks about getting paired with Brodie Lee in the Dark Order:

“The match with Darby was the very beginning of the pandemic.  I don’t think stuff was even shut down yet.  We were in Jacksonville, not because of the pandemic, but we just happened to be there that week.  After that week, it got shut down.  They needed to find somewhere to film.  They ended up filming in Georgia at Q.T. and Cody’s school.  They filmed six weeks of TV.  I was there the night before hanging out with Cody and Q.T.  Tony was there.  Brodie walked in.  It was the first time I ever met Brodie.  We instantly bonded over hockey.  I’m a huge hockey fan.  I played hockey for 12 years.  We bonded over hockey and Tito’s Vodka.  We talked forever.  The next day, Brodie was asking Cody and Q.T., ‘Vance is your guy’s boy, right?’  They said, ‘Yea.’  He said, ‘Is something wrong with him?  Why hasn’t he signed anywhere.’  They said, ‘We think we’re going to get him in here.’  Brodie said, ‘I want him with me under my wing on TV and backstage.  Just bring him in.  I’ll take him.’  That’s how I got paired up with him.”

Preston said he would not want a new leader of the Dark Order:

“I don’t want a new leader of the Dark Order. In my eyes, you’ll never replace Brodie. The only one that would make sense, and it’s very long-term storytelling, is if his son would be 10 years down the road.”

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